Scholarships in Nepal

These organizations are managing rural hospitals and seeking to build up numbers of trained staff.  MMA helps by offering scholarships.


HDCS health services are committed to delivering professional quality healthcare in the context of Biblical principles and values.

The vision of our health care services is to work to share God’s love in serving the communities through our support and management of mission hospitals located across Nepal.

The mission of health care services is to support and enable its partners in their efforts to provide excellent health care in their local communities whilst being guided by biblical principles and serving in the name and the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

HDCS is responsible for the management of three rural hospitals situated across Nepal: Lamjung District Community Hospital (“LDCH”), TEAM Hospital Dadeldhura (“THD”) and Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum (“CHR”). Each of these hospitals offers a range of essential medical services, as well as charity care services to assist those for whom treatment is beyond their means. Lamjung District Community Hospital, thanks to Government funding, is able to provide a free care service. HDCS also works to introduce and promote occupational therapy and pastoral care services in these hospitals.

MMA is partnering with HDCS to increase the number of qualified health workers and allied health workers and support staff for the hospitals. Two men from Dadeldhura hospital are training in hospital administration. Dil Giri completed a Post Graduate Diploma in 2010 and is now working in Chaurjahari Hospital Rukum, far west Nepal. He recently wrote of outreach camps that are being held because of remoteness of villages. One camp was reached after a 12 hour walk and 850 people were treated over 2 days. Ram K.C. is in his 2nd year of MBA studies. Tirtha Raj is also in his second year of business studies. Two other students are studying medicine and one nursing.



The United Mission to Nepal Health Services Office has the responsibility for running two rural hospitals. MMA is currently partnering with them to train three people in 2010-11, one in medicine, one in nursing and one in pastoral care. They will all be based in Tansen Hospital, a rural hospital in the Mid-West of Nepal.



Photos courtesy of UMN


There are many continuing opportunities for supporting health worker training in Nepal through UMN and HDCS. MMA has committed $10,000 to this program but with the increase in applications,  $18,000 has been transferred for the year 2010-11. MMA will only be able to continue this level of support with your help.