Partnering with Kilimatinde Hospital

Several years ago, it was said that Kilimatinde Hospital had fallen on hard times but recent photos show a much brighter picture.


Kilimatinde Hospital nurse completed training 2009 with MMA scholarship

MMA began a partnership with Kilimatinde Hospital in 2005 after hearing of low morale and staff shortages. Excess funds in the scholarship account due to good exchange rates and continued generosity of donors meant that money was available.

Since then, six staff have completed upgrading training, three to registered nurse category, two as nurse tutors and one to laboratory technician. In addition, ten new graduate nurses have just joined the staff, having completed a three or four year nursing course under MMA sponsorship.

Dr Edwin Kiula, doctor in charge until recently, has written, It is with great pleasure that the first output has been affected and they will take their posts on 1 August, 2007."

"We pray for continued partnership so that we have enough personnel to work at our hospital which is located in a remote area where most technical staff are not interested to stay.

That last sentence is so significant. The remoteness of Kilimatinde makes it difficult to recruit and retain staff. Its good to note that people chosen for MMA scholarships are already on staff or local people who are far more likely to remain in their home district than those recruited from other areas

Four to six scholarships are being given each year at a cost of A$8,000.

Kilimatinde hospital, a hospital within the Diocese of the Rift Valley, Tanzania, ( )


Photo supplied by the Diocese of Rift Valley, Tanzania