Scholarship Programmes

Nursing-student-with-premature-babyThe world changes and the needs and resources of our partners also change. It is now possible for people to train as health workers within the countries of Nepal and Tanzania, but finding the funds to do so to continue into High School, to learn English, to live away from home, buy books, set up classrooms is a challenge. MMA is supporting training for health workers in Nepal and Tanzania. In particular:

Capacity Building at Murgwanza and Kilimatinde hospitals in Tanzania  through scholarships to students in various areas of health care, particularly nurses and developing the nursing school at Murgwanza. Currently we support the training of nurses and clinical assistants.

Capacity Building for rural health work in Nepal is being done in partnership between MMA and two organizations in Nepal. These are HDCS (Human Development and Community Services) and UMN HSO (United Mission to Nepal Health Services Office). Both these organizations are managing rural hospitals and seeking to build up numbers of trained staff of various categories. MMA helps by offering scholarships as requested by these organisations. Currently we support training in medicine, nursing, hospital administration and pastoral care.

Nursing Student with premature baby

Partnering with Kilimatinde Hospital

Several years ago, it was said that Kilimatinde Hospital had fallen on hard times but recent photos show a much brighter picture.

Scholarships in Nepal

Capacity Building for rural health work in Nepal is being done in partnership between MMA and Human Development and Community Services (HDCS) and United Mission to Nepal Health Services Office (UMN HSO).

The Murgwanza Story

Owned by the Anglican Church of Tanzania, Murgwanza is the main hospital for the 335,000 people living in the Ngara region. Bed capacity is 200, but the hospital often serves two or three times that number.