Projects Overview

Funding is provided by MMA for:

  • people living with disability
  • reproductive health education project for secondary school students
  • those affected by HIV/AIDS
  • medical expenses for students at Bible Schools
  • drugs, medical supplies and equipment for hospitals
  • sponsorship of students studying medicine, paramedical and related health studies
  • building/renovations of clinics and hospitals, and
  • funds for poor patients.

Projects are approved by the MMA committee and because of historical links, have been in Tanzania, Kenya and Nepal.

Current Projects

DHERSEC (Disabled and Helpless Rehabilitation Service Centre)

The Disable and Helpless Rehabilitation Service Centre (DHERSEC) is an entirely Nepalese organization begun in 1999 by a group of friends with disabilities. The term “helpless” means “those who have no other help”. That is, persons who are socially deprived, poor and vulnerable. DHERSEC was set up with disability as its focus but many poor people request help due to accident, acute or chronic health problems, broken relationships or death in the family, severe debt, loss of employment, fear of violence or political pressure. Helping poor people in these situations is a disability prevention strategy. The program is therefore helping people with disabilities, orphans, homeless and very poor children and adults.


Jitambue Reproductive Health Education Project

The Jitambue reporductive health education project began in five local secondary schools in the Kagera Diocese of Tanzania in 2012 with the support of Dr Amanda Ward. Phase 1 of Jitambue reached over 1000 students through performances of song, rap, poetry and drama. These all illustrated the dangers of unsafe sexual behaviour and conseqences of relationship choices. The program was built on Biblical values for relationships, and was in response to high rates of unplanned pregnancies, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), HIV/AIDS transmissions and maternal mortalitty in the area.


Capacity building for rural health work in Nepal

This work is being done in partnership between MMA and two organizations in Nepal. These are HDCS (Human Development and Community Services) and UMN HSO (United Mission to Nepal Health Services Office). Both these organizations are managing rural hospitals and seeking to build up numbers of trained staff of various categories. MMA helps by offering scholarships to students in different aspects of health work.


Capacity building at Murgwanza and Kilimatinde hospitals

Capacity building at Murgwanza and Kilimatinde hospitals in Tanzania is being done through scholarships to students in various areas of health care.


Medical support for Bible School students

Fourteen Bible Schools in Tanzania are given a grant of about $1000 a year to pay for medical needs of students.


Grants for medical supplies

Five hospitals in Tanzania are given an annual grant of $3-5000 to enable them to import drugs or medical supplies that are not available in-country.


Salary assistance

Salary assistance is provided to “top up” salaries for doctors at Murgwanza hospital because of difficulties in recruiting staff in such a remote region of Tanzania.


Free hospital treatment for the very poor

Very poor patients from the rural area around Kilimatinde Hospital in Tanzania have access to free or subsidized treatment through donations to the hospital “charity” fund.


Kagera AIDS Project (completed)