Watu Na Nuru - 'Light for the people'

Solar Lighting Initiative - The Kagera Solar Enterprise

MMA is currently partnering with Watu Na Nuru, the Kagera Solar Enterprise based in the Diocese of Kagera, which commenced in July 2011.

The project's aim is to provide solar lighting to the people of Kagera, in a region where an estimated 43% of an individual's wage is spent on kerosene due to an absence of electricity. 

Kerosene unfortunately accounts for the high numbers of deaths due to burns which occur in developing countries, especially Africa in which it is estimated that up to 90% of Africans have no electricity.

MMA assisted the Kagera Solar Enterprise in establishing their business through the provision of a grant and which has also provided solar lighting to the Murgwanza Hospital. 

A student studying under a solar powered light. (photo courtesy of KSE website)

A demonstration of the solar lighting in a village (photo courtesy of KSE website)

To find out more, please visit the Kagera Solar Enterprise website and check out our March Newsletter to find out more about our partnership.

If you wish to donate to MMA to assist with supporting this partnership, please click here to go to the GiveNow website for secure, online donations.