Poor Fund

  • Leah, aged 40, was diagnosed with abdominal cancer. The poor fund paid for surgery, a 2 month hospital stay and her visit to a cancer unit.
  • Josephine, aged 15, was very ill with cerebral malaria but recovered well after a blood transfusion and antimalarial medicines.
  • Salome, 38 years old, with a ruptured uterus due to obstructed labour, was brought from 20 kms away on a bicycle at midnight. Miraculously, both mother and baby survived but needed hospital care for 5 weeks.
  • Therezia was 30 years old and lived in a village 60 km from the hospital. She lay unconscious at home for three days while her family frantically tried to raise money to pay for transport and hospital fees. Eventually, they set off by bicycle until they reached a place where missionaries were living and were given money to pay for transport. She was diagnosed with multiple illnesses including typhoid fever, TB and anaemia but recovered after 3 weeks in hospital.
  • Anna, a young girl aged 16 with her first pregnancy, was brought by bus from a village 53 km away. She was in obstructed labour, the baby was dead, the uterus had to be removed and as a result of the obstructed labour, she had a fistula continuously draining urine. The fistula was eventually repaired and after 6 months, she was ready to return home - but with what future? Pregnancy is not possible and the marriage will probably end. At age 17 she feels that her life is at an end.

MMA gives an annual grant of $1,000 to Kilimatinde Hospital's "poor fund"