Medicines and medical supplies for hospitals in Tanzania

KilamatindeThey may only buy 1-2 days supply and a medicine that is meant to be taken for a longer period isn’t bought, leading to drug sensitivity, disability or even death. Or, the drug may not be available.

MMA tries to help in situations such as this through a financial facility set up with a medical house in Britain. The MMA committee makes a grant, usually between $2,000 - $6,000 a year, depending on the size of the hospital and amount of money in MMA’s general funds. The hospital orders what they need, sometimes drugs or medical supplies or even equipment, and the bill is sent to MMA for payment. Five hospitals/clinics currently benefit from this facility.

One of the Medical Directors wrote,

“Thank you...for the money allocated to my hospital. Kilimatinde Hospital is the only hospital, serving about 70,000 people. We are in a very rural and remote area which is in drought. Per Capita income is only US$150 and people can’t afford to pay.”