Medical needs of students in 14 bible schools

Medical care for many Bible Students in Tanzania was unaffordable and out of their reach, until MMA provided help.

“Medicare” for Bible College students in Tanzania was brought to the attention of MMA supporters in the September 2008 issue of the MMA Newsletter when John Pearson wrote:

“MMA has provided funding of $A750 for student medical treatment in 14 Bible Colleges in Tanzania in the past financial year.

Bishop Yohana Mkavu for the Diocese of Kondoa states “….in Tanzania, each patient (must) pay for their medical treatment.  It is too difficult for the majority because of lack of money.  Some patients die with malaria for lack of money to pay for their treatment.  Even our pastors and evangelists get the same problems. “He goes on to say, “Please pass on our thanks to all those who pray for us and give generously towards the work of training and equipping God's workers”.

And Rev. Frederick Stephen Chingwaba of Morogoro Diocese (which includes Berega) writes, “The money came at the right time, as in the months of January – May, the rain season... many people suffer a lot from Malaria. By having that grant we were able to give medical treatment to our students.”

To put the value of these grants into context, read these comments from NSW Missionary, Cindy Bootsma, at Tabora,

“The problem comes when the students want to leave, when they finish their course, and they are presented with a huge bill for medical expenses. Huge for them as they don't have any money and many can't even pay for their fees.”

Students board at Bible colleges which are at varying distances from their villages. They would somehow beg a lift or otherwise travel to and from the college and have very limited means of income support. Their college experience would be somewhat different from Australian students, driving a car to and from Ridley College, having part time income, savings or benefactors to rely on, and getting free treatment through Medicare.

Cindy continues,

“It is really wonderful that you help the students in this way. At the end of last year I told the acting principal not to charge the students as there was money coming!! -from MMA."

MMA is now giving an annual grant of $750 - $1000 to 14 Bible Colleges in Tanzania.


Evangelists at Tabora

From Tabora Bible School this group of evangelists graduated in October 2009. They received preventative and curative medical care through the money donated by MMA.

Cindy Bootsma, a CMS missionary working in the Tabora Clinic described the care as follows:

“Each one of them has received a complete medical screening, to the best of the clinic's ability. All basic health checks were done and if necessary medicine was taken home for their wives. As well their general medical bills were paid, for things like malaria.

This a great benefit for them and also for the course, as some communicable diseases can now be    removed when they start the course, and this will reduce the incidence of diarrhoea and other diseases.

We also intend to replace the mosquito wire on the dormitory. The mosquito wire cuts down the exposure to malaria.

In future we intend to also supply them with toothpaste and brushes and soap for washing clothes and personal hygiene. As you know most things are cheap here but even these few things will bring a benefit to their health while they are studying. Many Tanzanians can not afford these things which we see as basic but they see as luxuries!

We see your support in this way to the bible school, as a great way to show these students that not only are you praying for them but you are also showing that you are caring for them in a practical way.

May God bless you as you continue to serve God in this way.

with thanks and prayers!"