Other Projects
Watu Na Nuru - 'Light for the people'

Solar Lighting Initiative - The Kagera Solar Enterprise

MMA is currently partnering with Watu Na Nuru, the Kagera Solar Enterprise based in the Diocese of Kagera, which commenced in July 2011. 

Medical needs of students in 14 bible schools

Medical care for many Bible Students in Tanzania was unaffordable and out of their reach, until MMA provided help.

Medicines and medical supplies for hospitals in Tanzania

Hospitals in developing countries often try to economise by sending relatives out to the private market to buy medicine - with disastrous results.

Salary Assistance

Salary assistance is provided to "top up" salaries for doctors at Murgwanza hospital because of difficulties in recruiting staff in such a remote region of Tanzania.

MMA budgets $10,000 a year to help the hospital recruit and retain doctors.

Poor Fund

A "Poor Fund" is maintained at Kilimatinde Hospital to assist patients unable to pay for treatment and medicine. Here are a few stories of people who have been given financial help.