The Jitambue Journey

The journey continues...

Dr Amanda Ward's dream of reducing the maternal mortality rate for women in the Murgwanza area of Tanzania came to a stalemate after MMAs one-year pilot prgram finished. MMA struggled to find a model that would revitalize this Tanzanian project until Wise Choices for Life (WCFL Website/Facebook) came to MMA's attention during 2014/2015.

WCFL is a ministry set up to empower vulnerable Ugandan men and women in the child bearing age group with the knowledge and skills to break the poverty cycle. Targeting young adults first, the training in reproductive health challenges the world view of many that large families produce strength. Replacing this with children by choice not chance. Many of the principles of WCFL mirror those of MMA and the problems and issues being addressed in Uganda also reflect the issues that prompted the introduction of the Jitambue program in Tanzania. There is no question that there is a vital need for the Jitambue program. We believe the model being used in Uganda is an appropriate catalyst to reinvigorate the Jitambue program.

Reinvigoration commences through:

  • Marg Docking sharing WCFL's Ugandan experience at two of MMA's bi-annual meetings,
  • the auditing of the Jitambue program by the local Tanzanian project team and MMA's project support person, Naomi Thyer, identified staff training as a key element missing from Jitambue,
  • eight Tanzanian staff from the Kagera Diocese and Murgqanza Nursing School in November 2016, join the WCFL seven-day Ugandan training conference. The team included a community development officer, a doctor, two pastors, a teacher from the Nursing School, two nurse midwives and a teacher from the Diocesan secondary school,
  • training materials translated into the local language by past CMS missionaries Dorothy and Hugh Prentice.



The Jitambue team now has a clear path forward. they have understanding for the task ahead, a set and tested curriculum and practical, visual teaching resources. Their task is to convey the very same information learnt during the WCFL training, firstly in two secondary schools and the Nursing College followed by expansion to other schools.

Please join us in prayer and belief that this teaching will result in real and ongoing change for a generation of young Tanzanians.


The Jitambue team working to improve young people's health in Tanzania celebrate the program continuing for another year.