• runs a weekly clinic for disabled and poor persons
  • refers cases for specialist care to the local hospital
  • refers people with severe rheumatic heart disease to Kathmandu for cardiac surgery
  • subsidises cost of medicines, tests, surgical fees and materials for eligible patients
  • provides assistance for children to attend school
  • arranges for, and subsidises, mobility aids and equipment, and
  • has rehabilitative approach through home visiting and training.

MMA is currently committing $45,000 a year to this project although a lot more could be accomplished if more money was available, particularly for children and young adults requiring heart surgery.

Dr Owen Lewis is the international advisor to this project, remaining in contact from his home in Australia.


In 2017 devasting floods in Itahare Ward 4 destroyed a number of homes with a loss of 12 lives. DHERSEC are assisting in the rebuilding of homes whose family members are missing.



DHERSEC, in partnership with Family Medicine faculty and trainees from the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS Website), runs FREE clinics for disabled and poor persons. DHERSEC subsidises the cost of medicines, tests, surgical fees and materials for eligible patients using funds provided by MMA.

DHERSEC also refers cases for specialist care to the local hospital.


A clinic in progress at Alohim Church Dharan 5 Dewrali.


Resident of Dharan 15 is receiving support for heart surgery from DHERSEC. A DHERSEC volunteer is taking the patient to Kathmandu.


A 4 year old resident of Bhokraha has suffered with rheumatic heart disease since childhood. A DHERSEC volunteer is accompanying mother and child to specialist hospital in Katmandu.





DHERSEC supporting a vision impaired student, currently in her 3rd, studying a Bachelor in Education at Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, through an education grant enabling her to continue her studies.


Whilst visitng the home of a disabled child, DHERSEC also distrubte school items to his sisters.



Wheelchair distribution and mobility aids

DHERSEC arranges for, and subsidises, mobility aids and equipment.



Training Programmes

DHERSEC advocates and trains people in new skills (e.g. sewing, wheelchair construction, jewellery making). Seven months ago, DHERSEC coordinated palate surgery in Kathmandu for this young Bhojpur Sindrang resident. Today she has completed a 6 month basic/advanced tailoring program receiving a sewing machine from DHERSEC.