Appeals - Targets and Progress



DHERSEC (Nepal Disabled Project) has been promised AUD$30,000 from MMA but DHERSEC’S budget could easily be much more, so great is the need following the civil war of the last decade and continuing unrest. An Easter Appeal each year tops up MMA’s commitment and funds a number of heart operations for children and young adults suffering effects of Rheumatic Fever. Although the operation cost of $5,000 may be subsidized, each patient must pay at least $1,000 which many find impossible. Therefore MMA seeks $10,000 above the budget to pay for heart surgical procedures.

Scholarship Program MMA has an annual commitment of AUD$20,000 for scholarships to Nepali students referred by two organisations – UMN (United Mission to Nepal) and HDCS (Human Development and Community Services).



Murgwanza Hospital had 10 students on scholarships in 2010-11 – 6 Clinical Officers, 3 nurses studying for a degree in nursing and one nurse in diploma in nursing. Total cost for ten students is $14,000

Kilimatinde Hospital had 4 students on scholarships in 2010-11 – two on a degree in nursing and two on diploma courses. Total cost for four students is $8,000

Tabora is a clinic in Tanzania receiving free AIDS medicine from the government but needs $5,000 to pay salaries for counselors for the HIV/AIDS program.

Bible Schools MMA is providing medical needs for students at 14 Bible schools in Tanzania - $14,000

Hospitals and Clinics in Tanzania MMA is providing medical drugs and supplies for 5 hospitals and clinics - $18,000

Murgwanza Hospital MMA is providing a salary “TOP UP” at Murgwanza Hospital - $8,000

Kilimatinde Hospital MMA has set up a charity fund at Kilimatinde Hospital - $ 1,000

Scholarship Program MMA has committed to assisting funds for a scholarship program in Tanzania



Kibera Slum Maternity clinic in Nairobi.

Immediate needs are:

  • a new generator - $13,000
  • watertanks - $1200
  • a computer - $800
  • a multi-fuel refrigerator to hold immunizations - $500

Small things to help these desperately poor women and babies cost $80 or less. These include:

  • a pregnancy pack to cover path tests, ultrasound, delivery and postnatal care, and immunizations for the baby for the first year of life - $32
  • a gift pack to give cash to help with rent, and a hamper containing flour, sugar, tea, soap and nappies - $48
  • both packs - $80