MMA Opportunity Shop


The MMA Opportunity Shop has been in business in various locations since 1935, originally trading as “The CMS New and Old Opportunity Shop”. A new era began on 19th June 2012 when the business was transferred to 301 Whitehorse Road Balwyn, under the name “MMA Op Shop”.

The opening of this new shop was the culmination of a 10-month roller-coaster ride of searching for a ‘not too small and not too expensive” site. Finally, a shop located at the end of the very busy Balwyn shopping strip was found.


There are some disadvantages in this shop but there are also great assets. One is a good display window described by one of the managers as “a HUGE asset. It’s the best advertising we could hope for”. The constantly changing display in the window is the result of lovely donated goods and the skill of artistic managers.

Customers who have found our “Collins Street Boutique” comment on the feeling of excitement amongst those who frequent the shop. They’ve found beautiful things being sold cheaply, friendly, chatty volunteers, fresh lemons on the counter and hand knitted mittens for the price of a soy cappucino. Who wouldn’t want to visit such a shop?

Committed and friendly volunteers are the backbone of an op shop. One volunteer told of how she filled in for a friend but when she realized what fun it was, she became a permanent volunteer.

Quality donations have to be the second backbone of this shop. Clean clothes, shoes, books, kitchen ware, toys and puzzles are always needed.

We especially welcome “treasures” – goods such as old china, bric-a-brac, old linen and lace, vintage and designer clothing, jewellery and paintings. Hand crafted items such as clothes for new born babies, jumpers for children up to age four and color coordinated rugs are also popular.

One of the managers commented,

"Stampings on the bottom of fine china indicate the sort of names that give us goosebumps. Just about anything old with a stamp on the bottom is excellent. And beautiful items like an old biscuit tin sell well despite a shabby condition”.

Visitors are very welcome, both to come and see as well as to browse and buy. A visit to the MMA Op Shop can be an interesting day’s outing for any group looking for something different. It could also include the Sally’s shop, only two doors from us.

The manager can be contacted on 0468 412 996

Trading hours:

Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

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