Mission and Values

Medical Mission Auxiliary Inc is a not-for-profit Christian micro-charity.

Its Mission is to:

  • empower organizations in disadvantaged countries in health and health related activities and to
  • give practical demonstrations of God's love.

Philosophy is based on the biblical teaching of God's love and compassion in Christ, and the mandate to the church to care for the poor, sick and victims of injustice.


MMA Inc is managed by a Committee of Management that meets monthly under the leadership of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Elections of officers and committee members is held at each Annual General Meeting every October.

Application for membership of MMA is approved by the Committee.

Meetings of members and supporters include:

  • The Annual General Meeting at which ordinary business is conducted and any special business for which notice has been given.
  • Special general meetings
  • Bi-annual meetings with relevant speakers.
History of MMA

In the early 20th Century, the Church Missionary Society (CMS) sent a number of medical missionaries to African and Asian countries that had huge medical problems but little or no resources. As a result of concern by friends in Australia, MMA was formally established as an auxiliary of CMS Victoria on 5th January 1920. Working out of a depot in Melbourne, MMA became a practical support group by sending 22 lb parcels of medical supplies to a number of countries. This expanded to shipping containers packed full of medical supplies and equipment, drugs, and a variety of donated goods.


MMA Inc partners with a number of important agencies in both the countries we operate and locally in Australia.

MMA Opportunity Shop

The MMA Opportunity Shop has been in business in various locations since 1935, originally trading as “The CMS New and Old Opportunity Shop”. A new era began on 19th June 2012 when the business was transferred to 301 Whitehorse Road Balwyn, under the name “MMA Op Shop”.